Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology is coming to virtual reality, with No Mans Sky the first to get the performance-boosting feature. 

Nvidia has claimed that DLSS can double the performance of No Mans Sky in VR on the ultra graphics setting, which is a serious boost in performance. This should bring a buttery smooth 90fps on the Oculus Quest 2, so long as you have an RTX 3080 at least.

In the NVIDIA DLSS update news post, it was revealed that No Mans Sky wasn’t the only game getting the performance-boosting treatment, with other VR titles Into The Radius and Wrench both receiving an assortment of features from Nvidia’s toolkit including DLSS. 

With massive performance requirements, VR seems like the perfect place for DLSS to thrive, more than it does already in desktop use. Hopefully, we will see continued rollout across VR’s growing catalogue of games that will allow lower-end hardware to keep up somewhat.

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DLSS has become somewhat of a no brainer these days, improving performance in nearly every game that it’s available for, especially in the latest DLSS 2.0 and 2.1 versions which keep games looking stunning.