Nudify Review: Is It the Best AI Clothes Remover?

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Nudify Review

In this ultimate Nudify review, I’ll show you how easy it is to create AI-generated explicit photographs for entertainment, the fashion industry, and online advertisements.

The developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology allow you to create natural-looking imagery without relying on human models to avoid privacy and legal issues.

What’s more, you can apply further edits to these images with AI photo editing tools to get unique outcomes. Read on as I explain this app’s features and functionalities from first-hand experience.

What Is Nudify.Online?

Nudify online web app

Nudify.Online is a web app that allows you to undress still photographs using the DeepNude AI model. It can produce high-quality and natural-looking explicit photographs.

However, it’s only accessible via web browsers. There aren’t any mobile apps on Google Play or the App Store. Fortunately, the web app is easily accessible from mobile devices. The site automatically scales according to the screen size of smartphones and tablets.

Nudify mobile

Unlike many other free and paid AI clothes remover tools, it provides various benefits like seamless image generation, AI editing, secure downloads, and keeping content private.

Offers limited free trialNo option to input custom prompts
Easy-to-use interfaceYou can’t log out from the free trial account
Referral bonus programYou can’t log in from different emails for free trials
Opportunity to earn cryptocurrenciesThe web app crashes intermittently
Extensive customizationsNo chat or voice support


While thoroughly using the AI deep nude tool, I discovered the following features as the most useful ones:

Easy to Use UI

Easy to Use UI

Anyone can use this tool, regardless of their tech skills. It doesn’t have too many settings and configurations to choose from. Also, there are very few buttons that you need to interact with.

It offers you a simple interface for uploading AI models, stock images, and in-house human models. Its AI algorithm, DeepNude AI, is highly customizable and supports real-time adjustments while you fine-tune bare picture elements such as body type, skin tone, age, scenes, and more.

Deep nude ai

I compared it with Deep-Nude.AI and discovered that it’s more complicated. There are many buttons but no explanations.

Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience

You can sign up, upload an image, set the output type, and download the generative AI model in less than 2 minutes. There aren’t any interaction issues with the Nudify.Online tools, settings, and adjustments.

Once you’ve generated enough images, you’ll find multiple options to download them. It also allows you to share them with collaborators.

Blurred image in DNGG

When compared with its popular alternative DeepNude DNGG, you’ll find that you get 3 free bare-body images on Nudify.Online while DNGG offers none. It blurs each output and pushes you to buy a subscription.

Nudity Editing Options

Besides the automated AI cloth removal, Nudify.Online also enables you to adjust the AI algorithm the way you want it to perform. Suppose, you’re using an in-house AI or human model for the nude image generation. You can mark the exact parts of the clothes you want to remove instead of uncovering the whole model.

Brush tool

For this purpose, Nudify offers a Brush tool to mark the elements on the uploaded picture. There are different brush sizes so you can adjust the field of coverage.

Rubber tool

If you want to reset or unmark some portion of the masking, you can use the Rubber tool. And yes, you can also edit the size of the rubber tool.

Other editing features you can use are as below:

Rubber tool
  • Body type: It enables you to pick a matching body type that fits the uploaded AI or human model for bare image generation. You can choose Skinny for a slim model to train the AI better.
  • Age: You can also select an approximate or accurate age of the input model.
  • Choose type: Besides Nude, you can also pick Lingerie, Bikini, Barbie, Anime, Forest, and more.
  • Location of the model: You can choose from a wide variety of scenes where you would like to place the model. There are many such scenes like Beach, Couch, Kitchen, Casino, Gym, Bar, and more.
  • Image style: You can change the output images to Anime or Realistic.

If you compare this DeepNude AI tool with DeepNude DNGG or, you’ll feel the latter two offer limited to no customization and AI editing features.

DeepNude DNGG

Accuracy of Nudify Outputs

The core AI model was trained on over 10,000 real-world nude images and models. Hence, the AI can efficiently undress the input images by using its experiences from the training database.

If you find any distortions in the first processing, you can fine-tune the next AI generation by marking the distorted areas with the Brush tool.

Therefore, you can confidently use such images in professional entertainment, fashion blogs, and online advertisements.

Privacy and Security Measures


The Nudify.Online web app offers encryption via SSL protocol so that hackers can’t intercept confidential data between you and the website. It’s important if you choose to use human models.

The site doesn’t store your AI-generated or uploaded content. Also, it employs high-security algorithms so that the AI processes your images without keeping traces of data.

Ethics Policy and Content Guidelines

Nudify.Online doesn’t allow revealing images of minors. Using the AI to undress any AI or real images of underage models will result in banning. Also, the platform might inform the local authorities.


It also adds a watermark in the generated image so it’s obvious it’s not real.

The site expects you’ll use its tools and resources for personal or professional requirements that won’t harm someone’s privacy. Also, if you’re using any real human as a model, get consent from the individual.

Earn With Nudify Online

Earn Nudify

You can generate a unique referral link and share it with your known associates and friends to earn USDT TRC tokens from the Tether blockchain. You earn cryptocurrencies when your referees spend on the website to purchase subscriptions or AI images. Once you’ve got enough USDT TRC tokens, you can trade those on cryptocurrency exchanges for cash.

Also, it allows you to use the site and its resources for free through its Referral Bonus program. If you refer someone and they sign up for Nudify.Online, you get 2 credits. These credits allow you to generate explicit photographs for free.

Email Support and Telegram Channel

Nudify AI telegram

When I reviewed the AI tool, I couldn’t find any real-time customer support via chat or voice calls. You can only send an email to Nudify Online Contact team to get support. Alternatively, you can also join the Telegram channel. There, they post tool updates, offers, and more.

How To Use Nudify.Online

If you liked its features and are willing to try out the free trial, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Nudify.Online website.
  2. You’ll see multiple sign-up options on the lower right side of the app. Choose any option from Google Account, Discord, and Email.
Sign in options
  1. You should arrive on the app page.
  2. Click on the Upload new image button to attach an image to the canvas.
  3. Choose any option you like below the Choose type section.
Choosing options
  1. Hit Generate to start the AI image rendering process. In a minute, you should see the result on the canvas.
  2. Click Download to save your image.

To stay safe, I recommend not to upload any personal or real people’s images on this AI app if you’re an individual user.


Find below the subscription options for Nudify.Online:

Nudify Online plans

1. Free trial: You get 3 credits to generate 3 generative nude images per account. You can choose from styles like Bikini, Anime, Lingerie, and Barbie only. Also, you’re limited to the SD version of the AI image. You can participate in a referral program to earn credits.

2. Basic: This plan gives you 15 credits per month in exchange for $23.99. You can only download images in SD. This subscription also offers Body type trait choices.

3. Standard: For $37.99, you get 90 credits for the entire month. Other benefits of this package are HD images, Body type traits, and no queue.

4. Pro: The Pro package costs $59.99/mo. It gives you 600 image generation credits for a month. You also get UHD images, Age traits, Body type traits, no queue processing, and more.

At the time of writing, I noticed that the site offers 10%, 25%, and 55% discounts on 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscriptions.

You can ask for a refund within 15 business days from the date of purchase. However, if you use the subscription to generate even one image, you won’t get a refund.

Nudify Review – Verdict

You can try Nudify.Online if you need a cool user interface and editing features when generating bare imagery for professional and business purposes. The pricing is also cost-effective.

However, if you need an AI clothes remover just for personal entertainment and to satisfy your creative AI art generation hobbies, it’s not the best option. You could use free DeepNude AI websites to get the same results.

Do comment below if you tried the tool after reading this in-depth Nudify review. If you’ve found any new feature in the tool, feel free to mention it!

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