Nokia Lumia 925 wireless charging shell actually a pretty good idea

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When the Nokia Lumia 925 initially debuted I was not impressed by the lack of built-in wireless charging, and thought Nokia’s solution of a wireless charging shell was rather clunky.

Now that I am actually trying out the handset the solution seems rather elegant. While the shell would have made no sense at all with a chunky handset like my Nokia Lumia 920, with the slim, light, and lets face it, more fragile Nokia Lumia 925 I feel an immediate urge to wrap the device in a protective case. This may be related to my daughter’s case-less iPhone 5 screen shattering after falling from a cinema seat onto the carpeted floor less than a foot below, but I have developed a new appreciation for protecting my phones which are completely absent with my tank-like Nokia Lumia 920.

Either way, if I am going to use a case in any case, I may as well use Nokia’s wireless charging shell, which is minimal, adds functionality and is specially made for the handset.

Do our readers agree that with a slim device such as the Nokia Lumia 925 Nokia’s solution for wireless charging actually works pretty well? Let us know below.