No, Apple did not leak Windows 11

by Surur
June 6, 2021
icloud for windows 11

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While we have already heard from reliable leakers that Microsoft will announce Windows 11 on the 24th of June, the name has not been officially confirmed yet.

An entry on the support documents for Apple would however constitute some pretty good evidence, and the company appeared to provide just that, on a support page for iCloud Photos for Windows.

icloud for windows 11

While the evidence may appear convincing for those who stay away from the Apple ecosystem, those who are familiar would know that iCloud for Windows 11.1 refers to the version of the software, rather than the version of the operating system, with the latest version of iCloud for Windows being version 12.

Unless there are more leaks closer to the date, it seems we will have to wait till the 24th to get official confirmation.

Thanks, Sam for the tip.

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