Nintendo has out-of-the-blue unveiled the Nintendo Switch Lite, a compact, lightweight version of the hybrid console that’s dedicated to handheld play.

Available in three different colours (yellow, grey and turquoise) the long-rumoured mini Switch device is now a reality.

Unlike its original counterpart, the Nintendo Switch Lite does not spout detachable joy-con controllers. It’s a singular model designed entirely around the portable experience.

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Because of this, the Switch Lite does not connect to a TV. You cannot connect the system to the dock. It also removes the system’s HD Rumble vibration features and IR Motion Camera. The four-button D-Pad replacement has now been replaced with a traditional D-Pad.

For titles that require motion controls, players will need to purchase traditional joy-con controllers.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches on September 20th, 2019. The system will launch for $200.