New live photos of cancelled Microsoft Honjo leak




Last year it appeared Microsoft had a reasonable line-up of Windows 10 handsets to keep the channel supplied, but in the end Microsoft cancelled some devices and neutered others, resulting in the current rather anaemic set of Lumia 550, 650 and 950/950 XL.

One of the handsets which did not make the cut was the Microsoft Honjo. The handset was in advances stages of planning, as evidenced by the numerous marketing renders leaked. Now it appears it even made it to prototype stage, with Italian site posting some new leaked live photos of the handset.

While the handset was as attractive as the render above, the beauty is only skin deep, with the smartphone sporting only a Snapdragon 210 processor and 720P screen, meaning it was unlikely to have aroused much enthusiasm.

What do our readers think of the device? Let us know below.

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