Netflix and Amazon will let European users watch movies form their native catalog abroad

Netflix and other digital services are getting better for cross-country streamers, in the EU at least.

The European Union’s digital portability content arc has come into service. as scheduled on April 1. Unlike many consumer-friendly April 1st announcements, this one was actually true.

In the EU, streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are now required to let users watch whatever content they pay for at home, even when they travel out without carrying out any region blocks.

This also extends to e-books, music streaming services, anything digital that you paid for in any region in the EU is now exempt from region blocks.

“These new rules directly respond to new behaviours and habits amongst European citizens using new technologies. For example, consumer spending on video subscription services rose by 113% per year between 2010 and 2014, and the number of users by 56% between 2014 and 2015.” The European Commission explained, stating further that,” It is also estimated that at least 29 million people, or 5.7% of consumers in the EU, could make use of cross-border portability, and many more in the future – up to 72 million people by 2020.”

These changes have taken effect since yesterday and should make streaming media on the go even more convenient.

Via Engadget.