The Xbox Insider Program can bring with it a lot of benefits. Early access to new features and UI revamps, Microsoft Rewards points and that all-too-good feeling of helping out something you love. There’s also the bad: running into console crashing bugs.

Obviously, if you are part of the Insider Program, you should be more than ready to encounter bugs like this. This new update, however, has a bug that does crash your console – many, many times.

If you’re in the program’s Alpha wave, there is a big issue currently going around. If you try to install any game from a physical disc, your Xbox will offer you an update. If you do accept this update, your Xbox will no longer run as it should. You have to factory reset your device manually in order to fix it.

October 2018 Xbox Update

There is no fix for this as of yet, you can only prevent the console crash by either using digital products only or leaving your games without their updates. I’d say both of those options are better than a factory reset.

Source: Windows United