MSI Launches Three New Gaming All-in-One PCs Starting At $1,249

MSI Gaming All In One PC

MSI has unveiled their full line-up of the gaming All-in-One PCs, including the NVIDIA GTX 880M powered 27” AG270 with speakers & amplifier empowered by Yamaha, and the ultra-slim 24” AG240 and 22” AG220. These PCs come with Intel Core i7 processors for ultra-fast speed, up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M series graphics for outstanding image quality, up to 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. Select models also feature Super RAID (2 SSD’s in RAID 0), touchscreen capabilities and Blu-Ray disc burner. MSI has also equipped the AIOs with an anti-glare, anti-flicker matte display with their proprietary Eye Pro Technology.  MSI’s AIO displays stabilize the electrical current to prevent flickering in standard displays while decreasing eye fatigue by generating 75% less blue light.

MSI’s gaming AIOs have the ability to connect to two external displays to create the ultimate surround gaming experience.  They can also act as an external monitor for your next gen consoles or multimedia players with their Instant Display technology. Without even the AIO system powered on, you can still use it as a monitor to play when you plug-in any game console system.

Select models also come with Yamaha speakers and amplifier and Sound Blaster Cinema.  Yamaha Hi-Fi speakers and amplifiers pump out hi-fi sound through two powerful full range speakers flanked by an independent subwoofer, amazing gamers with a broader sound spectrum that produces deeper explosions, clearer footsteps and livelier gaming.

You’ll be able to buy these PCs from next week, with the AG270 starting at $1,699, the AG240 at $1,299 and the AG220 at $1,249. Find the full spec below.

MSI Gaming All In One PC Specs