Motorola Solutions working on a new Windows Phone

by Surur
May 19, 2015

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Motorola Solutions, a stand-alone company which spun off from Motorola, and which makes two way radios and handsets for warehouses and other industrial uses, are working on a new Windows Phone handset.TC70_LG

The device, a Motorola Solutions TC70xx11, features a 720P screen and a dual-core processor and was discovered on the Rightware benchmarking website.

While Motorola’s handset division went Google and then Lenovo, and of course stopped making Windows Phones, Motorola Solutions always continued to support Windows Mobile and later Windows Embedded for Handhelds, the Windows Phone version for industrial use.

The device will likely look like the handset on the right, which is the Motorola Solutions TC70, an Android-powered device with a built-in bar code reader.

Motorola Solution’s current handheld range can be seen here.

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