Mophorn Cap Press Machine And VEVOR Heat Press Machine: Add Creative Flair To Your Merchandise [2022 Review]

July 3, 2022


Is yours a business that sells merchandise such as caps, t-shirts, bags, and the like? Chances are, you need to provide your customers with the best and the most unique so they will choose to buy from your store over from your competitors. Have you thought about improving the designs of your merchandise? One of the things that you must have is a heat press machine.

This article will review two of the best heat press machines in the industry today, the Mophorn Cap Press Machine and the VEVOR Heat Press Machine. Not only can you use these machines for your business purposes, but you can also own these machines personally if you want to design personal items like your caps, t-shirts, bags, and so much more.

These two press machines come from two sister brands, Mophorn and VEVOR.

All About The Brands: Mophorn And VEVOR


Mophorn, the brand that produces the first product in this review, the Mophorn Cap Press Machine, is a company that provides automatic stamping machines, cutting machines, electric brushes as parts of machines, electric meat grinders, egg incubators, juice extractors, and a whole lot more. They actually have many products in their collection.

The catalog of Mophorn includes tools and home improvement products, printmaking products, kitchen and garden products, home and furniture, and automotive products. Their products include clamp pallet forks, cable and wire ropes, welding equipment, power tools, outdoor kitchen door, outdoor kitchen drawer, and storage and homebrewing products, among many others.

Now that you have learned what Mophorn is all about for the first product in this review, let us move forward to the next one, VEVOR for the VEVOR Heat Press Machine.


On the other hand, VEVOR, the brand that produces the second product in this review, the VEVOR Heat Press Machine, is a sister company of Mophorn.

VEVOR is a leading brand specializing in tools and equipment. With its thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing its customers with the most formidable tools and equipment at incredibly low prices. Today, the products of VEVOR are sold in over 200 countries and regions with more than 10 million members globally.

Following are the top reasons why you should choose VEVOR. Their products are of uncompromising premium quality. Such products are sold at incredibly low prices. They likewise offer fast and secure delivery. They offer 30-day free returns, and they provide customers with 24/7 attentive service.

Their catalog includes products for restaurant and food service; lawn and garden; material handling; building and construction; automotive; arts, crafts, and sewing; electrical; agriculture and forestry; plumbing; laboratory; hardware; and office supplies.

Now that you have learned about two of the brands in this review, let us head over to the products themselves, beginning with the Mophorn Cap Press Machine.

Mophorn Cap Press Machine Review

Equipped with a professional and accurate digital controller, and automatic time controller, this strongly recommended digital heat press offers users excellence and high precision. Using its die-casting aluminum heating plate as its material, the service life of the Mophorn Cap Press Machine will last up to 12,000 hours. It is also trendy on the market now because of its reasonable cost, excellent design, and superior performance. You will learn more about its pricing a little later on. But we tell you, it is definitely your best choice.

Each package contains one piece of the fully-assembled machine, one piece of the pre-installed heating element, and the operating instructions.

What are the various features customers love about the Mophorn Cap Press Machine?


1. Excellent Design

It features a curved heating element that perfectly transfers to all types of caps and hats for excellent printing transfer. It also has an ergonomic foam parallel arm handle that minimizes the handle’s obstruction when turning this machine on and off.

2. Aluminum Heating Plate

Its aluminum heating plate is crafted with high-quality die-casting aluminum that is capable of withstanding high temperatures. As discussed earlier, its service life is up to 12,000 hours, compared to other silicone heating pads that can only be utilized for up to 500 hours.

3. Extraordinary Quality

The Mophorn Cap Press Machine is beautiful in appearance and very fine in workmanship. It is the most advanced machine on the market today.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a steel frame. Thus, this product is super stable, heavy-duty, and wonderfully durable.

4. Precise Control Design

It also has a digital LCD timer that can present the required time. Plus, it features an audible alarm that will sound at the end of the time. Moreover, its digital LCD temperature control will set your desired temperature, and when the present temperature is reached, the machine will stop heating, providing you only accurate results.

5. User-Friendly Clamshell

It also features a clamshell design that offers plenty of workspaces while keeping the hands of its user at a safe distance from the heating elements. This sleek design likewise adapts to various scenes and places.

6. Can Be Used For Various Applications

The Mophorn Cap Press Machine can print any design – whether this is a colorful mark, a portrait photo, a landscape pattern, or a personal pattern – on the hat, perfect to use for advertising, promotional campaigns, gifts, or personalized items, and so much more.


The Mophorn Cap Press Machine is available on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform, Amazon. As of writing, its price is $225.86. You can also use the Amazon coupon to save an additional $30. Budget-friendly, isn’t it?

Now that we have reviewed the Mophorn Cap Press Machine, let us look at the second product in this review, the VEVOR Heat Press Machine.

VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review

Meanwhile, the VEVOR Heat Press Machine is an industrial-quality clamshell heat press that adopts the latest heating innovation and technology. It has two layers of insulation pads to enhance the transfer performance. The stability has also been improved with an accurate time controller and a high precision temperature, widely used for home decorations, holiday celebrations, customized gifts, and so much more.

It is a 15 by 15-inch heat press that features a digital control board, Teflon insulation coating, and an adjustable pressure knob. It is very easy to use.

Upon your purchase, your package will include one piece of the heat press, one piece of the silica gel pad, one piece of the sponge pad, one piece of the power cord, and the operating manual.

Let us learn this time the features of the VEVOR Heat Press Machine.


1. Large Press Platen

As you learned a while ago, it has a large workspace area of 15 by 15 inches, providing ample space for more of your basic heat pressing processes. Additionally, the thickened board boosts heat retention, ensuring an excellent heat consistency, by which you can make sure you get a lovely transfer pattern.

2. Silicone And Sponge Pads

It also has a heat-resisting sponge pad made of composite cotton, added with flame-retardant materials. Place it under the silicone mat to achieve a better pressure balance and a greater printing effect. Who wouldn’t want that?

3. Precise Control 

Like the Mophorn Cap Press Machine, this heat press machine also offers precise control with its high precision temperature sensor that features a stronger sensitivity. Its audible will beep or shut off automatically once the transfer is done, reducing the possibility of overheating. Each detail is so thoughtfully-made that there is no need to worry about getting injured.

4. Upgraded Teflon Coating

The Teflon material is chemical-resistant, so when your equipment are made of it, you do not have to worry about them corroding.

This Teflon-covered heat press can decrease the possibility of scorches during the transfers. Plus, it is easy to clean and can make your printing steadier. There is also a ground wire for secure operation.

5. Tightly Wrapped

Its adjustable pressure knobs, two soft silicone, and sponge heating pads, and fitted-to-palm handle provide a full range of heating effects. Its multiple designs help the mats tightly wrap your materials, making them suitable as well for the transfer of flat items.

6. Versatile Uses

You can use this incredible heat press machine to transfer images on trousers, pillows, shirts, bags, hoodies, table mats, ceramic tiles, and a whole lot more. It is also an excellent option for do-it-yourself or DIY uses for business purposes, inspiring your daily life.


The VEVOR Heat Press Machine is available on Amazon. As of writing, its price is $209.99. Also, you can get an extra $11 discount when you apply the clip coupon.

The Verdict

With several press machines available around, the choices can be plenty, and it can be challenging to make that final choice. However, to help you with your purchase, there are certain things to consider when buying your press machine.

They include even heat across the platen, accurate heat, even pressure, easy-to-position garment, and easy-to-open and -close heat press. Furthermore, you should also prefer those that provide digital readouts, fit your workspace, are compatible with your workload, have a warranty for your heat-press, and have great customer service.

Without a doubt, these two press machines, the Mophorn Cap Press Machine and the VEVOR Heat Press Machine are a must-have for your design needs, whether you own a business or for your individual purposes.

You can also check out this recent DIY video of the heat press machine. Happy designing and happy shopping!

Make sure to check the Vevor store on Amazon. Vevor will be running an Amazon Prime Day deal from 7/6 to 7/20.

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