In a strong move for Microsoft’s Mixer platform, the streaming service has started to clamp down on low-quality channels that rely on follow-for-follow or 24/7 streams.

Announced through an update to the streaming platform’s Terms of Service, these types of streams are no longer allowed if they’re deemed to be of poor quality.

The new terms are as follows:

Content Quality – Content streamed on Mixer should meet certain quality guidelines to fit in with the spirit of the communities we are growing. We also require that channel owners categorize their content as accurately as they can, so that communities on Mixer are able to find the content they are truly interested in.

Mixer does not allow the following:

Streams that are not the channel owner’s original content. i.e. Content streamed on Mixer should be your own creation.

Featuring content that the channel owner does not have permission to stream. i.e. Channels should not stream content they do not have the rights for.
Channels that primarily promote empty networking. Example: “Follow for Follow” channels
Channels focused on generating digital rewards. Example: “Spark Farming” or “Loot Farming” channels

Mixer fans and streamers have responded with unbridled positivity in response to Microsoft’s newest update.

“Thank you!!” one user said. “I hated having to sift through 3 pages of 24/7 channels in the “up and coming” section just to find a random growing creator to raid!”