Mistral AI Review: Can This AI Model Compete With ChatGPT?

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mistral ai review

Are you looking for an unbiased, in-depth Mistral AI review? You’re at the right place, then. In this article, I’ll share my experience along with helpful information related to this advanced AI tool.

Mistral is one of the many advanced AI models that are available. Let’s see if it’s worth your time!

What Is Mistral AI?

mistral ai homepage

Mistral AI is a robust artificial intelligence model that you can use for various purposes. In some cases, it performs better and faster than ChatGPT’s models.

Since its start in April 2023, it has gained much attention and a large user base. However, unlike OpenAI, it doesn’t have a native GUI platform yet. It’s open-source and you can use it on your own platform or via API on your app.

Some third-party developers have made it available through their applications for non-technical users.

I had time to explore this tool within the past few weeks. Here are my findings!


Here are the most significant features and use cases I’ve found:

1. Answering Questions

Mistral’s advanced AI model can be used in a chatbot for conversations and answering questions. It’s a great choice for a customer support platform for automation.

2. Up to Date Information

Unlike some similar platforms, Mistral AI has a huge set of information. It’s enriched with the most recent data.

3. Content Creation

mistral ai example

Mistral’s generative AI ability is useful for content creation, summary writing, and automation in the editorial industry. Also, unlike ChatGPT, it doesn’t have restrictions on what you want to generate.

4. Problem Solving

Mistral AI can handle anything from solving complex mathematical equations to handling harsh challenges in various professional tasks. It can innovate solutions, give smart suggestions, and also provide various insights to deal with complex tasks.

5. Translation

The multilingual support lets you translate anything in your local language. It’s extremely beneficial in business communication.

6. Software Development Assistance

Similar to ChatGPT-4, Mistral AI can assist you in modern application developments. Whether it’s a web app, a phone app, or even a video game, you can get assistance and code suggestions.

I’ve used it to test this feature. In my case, it even explained the code after writing the code snippets. So, beginners or even experienced developers will find it helpful.

7. AI Training Tools

The Mistral 7B model can also be used as a training tool. If configured properly, you can use it for any system that aims to teach students or beginners.

8. Fast Performance

Mistral’s standout feature is its speed. In various benchmarks, the 7B model outperforms Llama2-13B, Llama1-34B, and many other models.

How To Use Mistral AI

Using Mistral AI is a bit technical. Developers can implement it on their apps. Right now, the easiest way to access this service is via Ollama AI.

So, in the following instructions, I’ll show you how to get started with Ollama:

  1. Visit this web page and download Ollama.
  2. Install it on your computer.
  3. Run it.
  4. Now, open your terminal app.
  5. Type the following command and hit Enter: ollama run mistral
    installing mistral ai using ollama terminal
  6. After installing, you can make a POST request to this local API URL: http://localhost:11434/api/generate
  7. The request body should be like this: { "model": "mistral", "prompt": "Your text prompt"}
  8. If your application makes requests correctly, Ollama will return responses in multiple JSON elements by using Mistral AI.

Before implementation, you can use Postman to see if everything works fine. See the screenshot below to get an idea:


You can find more documentation on this page.

One more thing: You can use API from Mistral AI directly. In that case, you’ll be charged for each request.

If you aren’t a developer and have no technical skills, you can get a flavor of Mistral AI from Perplexity Labs.

perplexity labs

Perplexity uses several AI models. So, make sure to choose Mistral-7b-instruct. Remember that it’s only for experimenting with different models and has limitations.


Mistral AI’s pricing works as a pay-as-you-go model. As it’s open source, users can also access it without additional expense. The 7B model is already available for download in various mediums, as I’ve shown above.

The API is available with the following pricing plans:

mistral-tiny0.14 Euro/1M tokens0.42 Euro/1M tokens
mistral-small0.6 Euro/1M tokens1.8 Euro/1M tokens
mistral-medium2.5 Euro/1M tokens7.5 Euro/1M tokens
mistral-embed0.1 Euro/1M tokens

Note that there are rate limits. You can initiate 2 requests per second. Moreover, it supports a maximum of 2 million tokens per minute and 200 million tokens per month.

Mistral AI Review – Verdict

Overall, Mistral 7B’s open-source approach and flexible API pricing make it stand out from the crowd.

However, having an app with a good GUI like ChatGPT could make it even better. Even though some technical knowledge is required, you can explore this AI by yourself and share your experience in the comment box below. Hopefully, this Mistral AI review has explained all you wanted to know.

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