Minecraft Earth is finally available in Australia, Mexico and more

October 31, 2019
minecraft earth

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After the game’s initial early access launch in New Zealand and Iceland, more countries are now able to play Minecraft Earth.

Since its original launch, Minecraft’s Pokémon Go competitor has been steadily rolling out to more countries around the world. With countries like Iceland and New Zealand already able to trek their way with Minecraft Steve, everyone else now wants a go!

Announced via the official Minecraft Earth Twitter account, the title is rolling out to three more countries right now! Those countries are as follows:

  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Mexico

“Early access is in full swing and rolling out around the world!” announced developer Mojang. “We’re working around the block to bring everyone into Minecraft Earth.”

Of course, with a franchise as massive as Minecraft, longing fans are still clamouring for the title to come to their country. “France needs this,” one commenter said. “Nice now the upside down people can play Minecraft eart, but in all seriousness, when are the big countries getting the game?” a rather rude commenter wrote.

Mojang still hasn’t released a solid timetable on when countries should expect the AR title to release. Mojang states that the title will arrive to larger countries within the coming weeks, but those who really want to get in may still have to wait.

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Minecraft Earth Early Access is starting to roll out across the globe! Follow at @MinecraftEarth or check the app store for availability in your region.

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