Microsoft’s telemetry reveals a work/life balance nightmare due to #WorkfromHome


14, 2020

In a blog post touting the new time management tools in Microsoft 365, Microsoft revealed some data they gathered regarding the impact of the lock-down-imposed Work From Home regime on office workers, and it appears clear that work-life balance has suffered significantly from the move.

Microsoft reports that there has been a 1000% increase in video calls, and an overall 30% increase in meetings, with 30% of them going over the scheduled time, and a 200% increase in Teams chats on Saturdays and Sundays.

There was also a 52% increase in the number of instant messages being sent between 6 PM and midnight, and a resultant 30% increase in Tasks created.

Microsoft reports this is leaving workers overwhelmed and stressed, and feeling like they need to be “always on” and available, without time to disconnect and recharge, with the blurred lines between personal and work time and space leaving workers emotionally and physically drained.

Having highlighted the problem, Microsoft of course also aims to offer the solution, with a variety of new Microsoft 365 tools and features designed to help users demarcate work and personal time more clearly. Read more about them here.

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