Microsoft’s Surface app receives an update, now shows information on Surface Slim Pen, Surface Pro X, Pro 7, and Laptop 3



Microsoft’s Surface app has received an update today. The update has added support for Surface Slim pen that Microsoft introduced as an accessory for the Surface Pro X. This means that the Surface app can now show information on Slim Pen, but for that, the pen has to be in Swift-pair mode.

For those unaware, Swift-pair is a feature that makes it easier for you to pair a Bluetooth peripheral. You can turn on the feature on from the Settings app>Devices>Bluetooth and Other Devices. Now, Check the Show notifications to connect using Swift Pair option.

The update has something new to the Laptop 3, Pro X, and Pro 7 users too. If you own any of these new Surface products, you can now see the device image in the app.


  1. Show device image in app for new devices: Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7
  2. Show information on Surface Slim Pen in Surface app when the pen is in Swift-pair mode
  3. Fixes to support installation on older versions of Windows 10 and Accessibility issues

You can click on this link to update your Surface app, or you can head over to Microsoft Store and check for updates.

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