The lockdown restrictions necessary to snuff out the COVID-19 virus have hit performing artists particularly badly, with their venues closed and meetings with others banned.

Like many professions, artists are looking at the digital realm, and Microsoft’s Second Life Competitor, AltSpaceVR reports that they have received a record number of inquiries from people and companies looking to use VR during the COVID-19 crisis.

In response, AltSpaceVR has introduced new ways for users to create ticketed events, private meetings and conferences, by using platforms like Eventbrite and Patreon in tandem with AltspaceVR.  The company is targeting artists, event-hosts, speakers, comedians, poets, and musicians during a time when live events are paused. With these features you can host an event in AltspaceVR that give you the following tools:

To get see how you can host a private event in AltspaceVR, read more at their blog post here.