Microsoft will soon let you sync files between your Android phone and computer

May 30, 2017

With the next big Windows 10 update, Microsoft is bringing two new features called Timeline and Pick Up Where You Left Off that’ll let you sync your work between Windows 10 devices. The company is also working on some neat new clipboard syncing features for Windows 10 that’ll let users sync things like photos, text, links, etc. But the company is now working on bringing file syncing for your Android phone and computer.

Redmond recently started testing a new version of its custom Android launcher that lets users sync files between their Android phone and computer. Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher now has a new feature called Arrow Hub that utilizes OneDrive to power this new experience. Arrow Hub can be used as a widget on Arrow Launcher, and you’ll be able to see your latest files, images, etc. on your home screen right from the widget. You can also upload things right from the widget.

Microsoft can’t really integrate Arrow Hub into Windows 10 — so the company built a web app for Arrow Hub where users can sync files between their phone and computer. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a Mac, a Chromebook, or even a Linux PC since the web app is available on any device that can connect to the internet.

Arrow Hub is a pretty neat feature for sure, even though it’s pretty simple when you look deeper into it. What the feature essentially does is create a folder on your OneDrive account, and upload files to that folder so that they can be fetched and displayed on the launcher and web app.

Arrow Launcher’s Arrow Hub is currently being tested with a group of beta testers, and Microsoft plans on rolling it to more users sometime soon.

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