There is a shortage of more than 465,000 cyber security jobs in USA, and Microsoft has warned USA is under increasing attack by Russian hackers targeting infrastructure.

Microsoft has however decided to do their part to help defend the nation by helping to train up 250,000 cyber security workers over the next 4 years.

Microsoft will be working with 150 community colleges to offer scholarships, assistance and training material for free to get the ball rolling.

“Over the next three years, we’ll put many tens of millions of dollars behind this effort,” Microsoft President Brad Smith said in a press briefing.

“This is an opportunity for us to get started. This is not the ceiling on what we’ll do.”

Smith said more trained personnel and better practices would have mitigated many of the hacks in USA over the last year.

“We clearly need to move quickly to train people to fill what are, frankly, great jobs in our view,” Smith said, noting the jobs had average pay of more than US$105,000 and that for every two jobs that are filled, one remains open.

via ITNews