Microsoft to make $444 million in revenue from Android licenses in FY 2012

imageGoldman Sachs analysts have estimated Microsoft could earn as much as $444 million from Android patent licensing over the next 12 months starting July 1, 2011.

They arrive at the number by estimated that Microsoft will receive between $3 and $6 in fees from each Android device sold, following Samsung also agreeing to pay Microsoft for the privilege of using the so-called “free” OS.

While the amount is a drop in the bucket, it does give Microsoft added influence with OEMs, and proves Steve Ballmer’s assertion that Android is  not free, and comes with licensing fees that have to be paid.

It does further open the door to Android OEMs using more Microsoft products directly, like Bing Search and Exchange Activesync, and distance Google’s association with their own OS.

Ultimately with an estimated $75 billion in revenue $444 million for Microsoft is simply a line item, but is is certainly a lot more than Google will be earning from the OS.