Microsoft To Do for Android got updated with bunch of new features and fixes


10, 2019

Microsoft’s task management app, famously known as Microsoft To Do has received an update on Android. The update brings plenty of important new features and bug fixes.

With the latest update installed, you’ll no longer need to manually set Light or Dark mode in the app, the app will now respect your system settings, meaning that it’ll automatically turn Dark or Light based on your smartphone’s system settings. Add to that, if you have multiple accounts, To Do app will now let you choose what account you want your task to go to.

The update brings many other important new features, bug fixes and you can see them all in the official changelog below.

What’s new

  • We now follow the system settings for dark mode so if you’re phone is set to dark mode then To Do automatically follows suit.
  • You can now choose what account you want your task to go to in the New Task extension.
  • We brought a little color back into our widget icons.
  • We added a count to our sections in the Planned list so if you have them all collapsed, you can still see how many tasks are due.
  • We made a lot of accessibility fixes.
  • Coming from Wunderlist? You can now import your files across

You can download Microsoft To Do app for your Android smartphones from the below link, or you can head over to Google Play Store.

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