Microsoft SmartScreen is blocking Firefox Nightly downloads for some



Some users are reporting that the Microsoft Edge browser is flagging the Firefox Nightly installer as potential malware, and are attempting to block its install.

The issue is due to Microsoft’s SmartScreen technology being suspicious of the software and has occurred before for the Google Chrome installer in the past.

What is unusual however is that the software is signed by Mozilla, which should ideally mean that it should be trusted, but the likelihood is that the volume of downloads for the Firefox Nightly is so small that the software is not recognizing it as a commonly used application.

The issue has been reported on Reddit [1] [2] by a number of users, for both the nightly and the regular version, though it appears to have been resolved, as we can not replicate it.

In any event, we suspect that anyone who chooses to download Firefox will also be able to bypass any block by Edge.  Are any of our readers affected? Let us know below.

via Techdows

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