Microsoft shows an “incredible indifference … to developers and their fans”

by Surur
February 16, 2018

As we wrote earlier, Microsoft in Germany has demanded some websites remove their apps from the Microsoft Store due to having Windows in their name, with two websites, in particular, and Dr Windows affected by the issue.

Now has confirmed that their app has been removed from the store, despite their appeals to Microsoft.WindowsArea is of course more than miffed, and writes:

As a community of mostly enthusiastic users of Microsoft products, from Surface to Xbox, we find this step especially hard, and less so because our app disappears from the store. It testifies to pure arrogance at Microsoft, an incredible indifference expressed here to developers and their fans. That really affects us.

Other websites with Windows in their names appear unaffected, and this does, of course, make WindowsArea wonder if they are specifically being targetted by Microsoft.

Hopefully, this is unlikely to be true, but this does not mean the issue is any less annoying.

In particular, WindowsArea notes:

I am annoyed for our readers, who are once again shown how much Microsoft appreciates such communities of Windows fans. So much so that you just do not want to have it on your own platform.

We have long seen the same lack of communication from Microsoft and yes, indifference towards Microsoft fans who are usually the early adopters from Microsoft’s new products who tend to stick with them till well after the inevitable cancellation and who are often still ready to spend a lot of real money for the next device.¬†Yet in the end fans can only take so much, and would like to remind readers that they also have an Android app, where they can read Microsoft news on their Android phone without any fear of persecution.

Read more at here.

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