Companion Mode on Microsoft Teams allows users to use their smartphone to interact with a Microsoft Teams meeting while also accessing the meeting on another client, such as Microsoft Teams desktop client or Microsoft Teams Rooms.

If you are in a meeting you can open the Microsoft Teams mobile client. Upon starting up the mobile client, you will see a notification bar displayed asking if you would like to utilize your phone as a companion device for the active meeting.

Microsoft today announced that they will be further improving the Companion experience on iOS.

For a better hybrid meeting experience, Teams users on their iPhone can use a single tap to join a meeting on both their device and Microsoft Teams Room.

Audio on their device will be automatically turned off to ensure echo doesn’t happen. Furthermore, the landing experience on the iPhone will be optimized for engagement activities to make it easier to raise hand or react, chat, and see all participants.

Users will observe a new user interface and experience when joining a meeting on their iPhone as a secondary device. Users can swipe down the menu to view the meeting.

The improvements will begin rolling this out in late January and expect to complete rollout early February.