Microsoft starts roll out of latest Windows 11 update with 150 new features including Copilot

September 26, 2023
Surface firmware update promise Windows 11 Update

Is Copilot the best AI companion out there? Help us find out by answering a couple of quick questions!

Last week, during a press event, Microsoft revealed the information about an upcoming Windows 11 update that will bring over 150 new features including the new Copilot, Windows Backup and more. Today, Microsoft announced that it has started roll out of this new update. You can find the summary of major new features below:

  • Copilot in Windows (in preview) offers assistance alongside all your apps, on all screen sizes at work, school or at home.
  • Paint now has features like background removal and layers as well as a preview of Cocreator that brings the power of Dall-E model to the Paint app.
  • Photos app now comes with several useful features such as Background Blur you, improved search that allows you to find the photo you’re looking for based on the content of the photo and more.
  • Snipping Tool now allows you to extract specific text content from an image to paste in another application or, redact important text, sound capturing using audio and mic support, and more.
  • Clipchamp’s new auto compose feature provides scenes suggestions, edits and narratives based on your images and footage automatically.
  • Notepad can now save content automatically and it can also automatically restore previously open tabs as well as unsaved content and edits across those open tabs.
  • The new Outlook for Windows can now connect with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and more in one app. It features AI smarts including Microsoft Editor integration, and more.
  • Modernized File Explorer with new home, address bar and search box. Also, File Explorer now has a new Gallery feature designed to make it easy to access your photo collection.
  • New text authoring experiences to voice access and new natural voices in Narrator.
  • Windows Backup allows you to select your preferred backup options across most files, apps, settings, and credentials. When you move to a new Windows 11 PC, you’ll have the option to restore content from any of your backed up PCs, directly from the cloud, by logging in using your Microsoft account.
  • Passkeys support: A passkey creates a unique, unguessable credential and allows you to sign in using your face, fingerprint, or device PIN. Passkeys on Windows 11 will work on multiple browsers including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and others.
  • Adaptive Dimming: If your PC presence sensor detects you are no longer paying attention, it will slowly dim your screen and save energy.
  • Wake on Approach, Lock on Leave, and Adaptive Dimming are all powered by presence sensors. If your PC has this sensor, you can enable these important features all within your startup experience or in Settings.
  • Windows Hello for Business can protect user identities by removing the need to use passwords from day one.
  • Windows 365 Boot lets employees log directly into their Windows 365 Cloud PC and designate it as the primary Windows experience on their device. This means that when they power on their device, Windows 365 Boot takes them to their Windows 11 login experience and directly into their Cloud PC with no additional steps in-between, saving them time and keeping them secure.
  • Mobile Application Management for Windows allows employees to access organizational resources through Microsoft Edge from an unmanaged device, all while giving IT the ability to control the conditions under which the resources can be accessed.
  • AI-powered recommendations to File Explorer and the Start menu for our business customers running Windows PCs in their organization.
  • Auto Color Management for improved color accuracy and better gradients
  • Improvements to the volume mixer in Quick Settings allowing customization of audio on a per-app basis
  • Dynamic Lighting – now generally available
  • Windows Dev Home – now generally available

All the above features will be rolled out to all Windows 11 devices at different times, as Microsoft gradually roll out some of these new features over the coming weeks initially using its controlled feature rollout (CFR).

If you want to access the above features today, you should be running Windows 11, version 22H2 update. If already installed, you to go to
Settings (Settings > Windows Update) and turn on ‘Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available’. Microsoft expecting broad availability of most new features by November 2023.

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