Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders on macOS. The new Build 200129 brings no important new features, but it introduces several important bug fixes to Excel. You can read the official changelog below.



Bug fixes

  • Text in images was becoming blurrier than expected when resizing the image.
  • Emojis in some fonts were not appearing correctly.
  • The filter dialog would sometimes be positioned at the top of the window and could be slightly covered by the Apple menu bar.
  • When using ScreenUpdating=False in a macro, it sometimes behaved differently the first time a macro was run compared to subsequent runs.
  • Excel could hang if it was launched by a macro in Word or PowerPoint.
  • Holding the SHIFT key while opening a workbook did not prevent automatic macros from running.
  • Fixed some crashes and other minor issues.

New features

None to highlight

Known issues

No known issues

Source: Microsoft