Microsoft pushes Bing Chat when users try Google Bard on Edge browser

October 18, 2023

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Another day, another Microsoft attempt to dethrone its competitor. This time, we spotted that the tech giant is aggressively pushing Bing Chat when you try its rival, Google Bard, on the Edge browser.

This change is spotted in at least the latest version of Canary (v. 120.0.2168.0), its experimental channel. If you Google “google bard” on the latest version, there’ll be a pop-up that advertises Bing Chat. 

Then, once you open Bard, there’ll be a Bing icon in the address bar that suggests you open the AI chatbot in a split screen and compare the answers.

Peep at what it looks like below:

Interestingly, Redmond officials rolled out Bing Chat, which was an Edge-exclusive feature at first, to competitor browsers like Chrome. However, they initially restrict the chat and character limits at first.

Microsoft may seem to be ahead in the race for the best AI-powered search engine with Bing Chat, as they released it first. But, Google Bard is also a strong contender and not looking too bad either.

Microsoft has several advantages in this competition. They have a large market share of desktop computers with their Windows operating system, and they have also integrated Bing Chat & Copilot into many popular apps.

Thoughts on this change?

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