Microsoft only now working on Chinese language input on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft working on Chinese input for Windows Phone 7There is increasing evidence that the Windows Phone 7 team is pretty stretched, with many important priorities having to wait for a later date.  Examples of course include things like Cut and Paste and CDMA support for Windows Phone 7.  Another one, often forgotten in the west, is support for non-Roman scripts such as Chinese for example, which we have heard earlier may have to wait for the middle of 2011.

Now we have confirmation from this job posting by Microsoft that this process is still in its early stages, with Microsoft looking for a software engineer in Beijing to help with “future-thinking roles in how to create input-related infrastructure and experiences for Microsoft” and dates from the 15 September 2010.

Of course the Chinese market at present for smartphones is pretty small, but the overall phone market is very large, and it would be in Microsoft’s interest to get in early rather than join after the other operating systems have already established a strong foothold.

See the full job post after the break.

Location: Beijing, CN

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: China, Beijing
Product: Windows Phone
Division: Microsoft Business Division

Are you a talented developer who passionate about mobile devices and scenarios? Are you ready to help make Windows Phone successful in the largest mobile phone market in the world? As part of the Chinese Mobile Input team, you will enable millions of users to embrace the power of Windows Phone. This role is part of a dedicated team building the Chinese input experience for Windows Phone 7 and beyond.

This position requires a high level of technical expertise with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing technologies in mobile. You will need to effectively communicate and collaborate with your counterparts in USA and Asia to design and implement solutions that are both essential and innovative, sometimes across multiple languages. You will also be responsible for future-thinking roles in how to create input-related infrastructure and experiences for Microsoft; as well as our partners delivering the Windows Phone devices.

This position is for a self-motivated, talented, results-driven software engineer that has the passion to make Windows Phone successful in China. You’ll be working with a small team that collaborates with engineers throughout Windows Phone to enable the right experience for our specific customers. The ability to leverage other Microsoft technologies to quickly create innovative input experiences (such as handwriting and speech) will add to the challenge. The features you’ll work on span everything from the UI to advanced text prediction – anything that enables Chinese users to accomplish their input-related tasks.