Microsoft asks Chrome users to try the ‘Microsoft News New Tab’ extension that make the new tab page of Chrome appear like classic Edge

by Rahul
January 14, 2020

Now that the classic Microsoft Edge is dead and Microsoft is going to replace it with the new Chromium-based Edge, those who used the classic Edge as their default browser will miss a few unique features. But the good news is the list is not long.

One of the features that you won’t miss is the new tab page of the classic Edge. You can now make the new tab page of Chrome or the new Chromium-based Edge browser appear exactly like that of the Classic Edge just by downloading an extension called Microsoft News New Tab extension from Chrome web store.

Oddly enough, on visiting Microsoft’s official websites, you’ll now notice a pop-up that asks you to try the extension on your Chrome browser. If you’re using the Chromium-based Edge, you’ll see no such pop-up.

Features of the Microsoft News New Tab:

  • Trending news from thousands of the world’s most popular and trusted news sources
  • Quick access to your mail
  • One-click access to your most-visited sites
  • Localized weather forecasts
  • Fast and comprehensive web search

If you’re using Chrome as your default browser and want to use the new tab page of the classic Edge, you can download the Microsoft News New Tab extension from this link.

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