Microsoft News: Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.69.1 with no new features

April 14, 2023

Microsoft has released PowerToys v0.69.1 without new features or noteworthy changes. However, the latest version of PowerToys does come with plenty of fixes and improvements. This is because PowerToys v0.68.1 is a patch release to fix issues in the last version, which is v0.69.0.

You can read the complete official changelog to learn about what has been fixed.

PowerToys v0.69.1 changelog

PowerToys v0.69.1

You can find the complete official changelog of PowerToys v0.69.1 here.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities, including ColorPicker, FancyZones, and File Explorer Add-ons, letting users customize Windows. Users can tune and streamline their Windows experience by using the set of utilities for greater productivity.

To get the latest app version, you need to open Settings and go to the ‘General’ tab from the navigation pane on the left. Now, you need to scroll down to the very end of the General tab to the ‘Updates’ section and then click ‘Check for updates.’

You can find the PowerToys app in the Microsoft Store. Alternatively, you can also download the app here from the below link. Meanwhile, you can track all the latest news related to it here.

Microsoft PowerToys
Microsoft PowerToys

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