Microsoft to improve framerate for UWP games later this year


Recently, Microsoft and its partners launched several new games for PCs in the Windows Store, this includes Tomb Raider, Gears of War, and some others. Following the recent launches, Microsoft received a tonne of feedback from PC gamers who use services like Steam, as well as Xbox users. Most notably, a lot of gamers complained about the Universal Windows Platform games having locked v-sync, and lack of support of Gsync and Freesync. Now, at the Game Developer Conference, Microsoft’s Jason Ronald, the Xbox product manager apparently stated that the company will be shipping a fix for these issues “later this year.” Here’s his statement:

“Some of the early feedback we’ve gotten from the first wave of UWP-enabled games is that people don’t like that v-sync is locked to the refresh rate of the monitor or that there’s a lack of support for Gsync and Freesync. We’ve taken that feedback, and we’re actively working on fixes that we’re testing with some of our first-party studios. We’ll be shipping these later this year.”

It isn’t yet clear if Microsoft will be shipping a fix for these issues with the Redstone update, which is expected to get released sometime in July of this year. However, if Microsoft could possibly release a general update via Windows Update to address the issues, too.

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