Microsoft hosting Stranger Things 3 workshops

by Surur
July 6, 2019

Microsoft seems to be going all in on Stranger Things 3, not only releasing a game based on the Netflix series but also now it appears running a Mixed Reality workshop for students based on the theme of the series.

Called Camp Know Where: Strange-ify Your World, the events are being run at Microsoft Stores and is designed to encourage students to learn computing.

The blurb reads:

In this camp, we will be encouraging students to use Mixed Reality to insert themselves into the world of Stranger Things. They will be encouraged to create their own creatures for the world, and create a story or adventure that the kids from Hawkins might undertake, whether that might be a journey to the upside down, a trip to the arcade, or whatever else comes to their minds. In the end, they’ll have their own Stranger Things-themed mini movie to show their family and friends.

The first event was noticed by Walking Cat and is being held on the 21st July at the Microsoft Store in Seattle. RSVP here.

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