Microsoft has a really good SMS client for Android, but it’s only limited to India

Believe it or not, Microsoft actually builds a really good SMS client for Android. The company’s Garage lab built a good-looking and smart app for SMS that you probably never heard of. It’s called SMS Organizer, and it’s been receiving some major updates over the past few weeks. There’s a big catch with the app though: it’s only available in India.

SMS Organizer has been redesigned from the ground up since its initial launch. Microsoft has introduced a new tab-based user interface which automagically organizes all of your messages and lets you focus on the important things, kind of like Outlook’s Focused Inbox. SMS Organizer puts all of your personal messages in one tab, while promotional and transactional messages are separated into their own dedicated tabs.

Now the really cool thing about SMS Organizer is how it can automatically detect information like movie tickets, flight details, phone bills, etc. on your messages. It will be able to notify you about a flight, or a bill by keeping track of your messages which is very neat. The app is also able to detect two-factor authentication codes and other OTP codes in your messages, which it then used to simply show the code on a notification rather than showing you the full message. All of this happens right on your device, so none of your messages are actually being sent to the Microsoft cloud.

SMS Organizer could possibly be the best SMS client on Android right now. The only thing that’s limiting it is its India-only availability, so I’m hoping Microsoft will change that in the coming months. If you are in India, make sure to give SMS Organizer a try here.

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