Microsoft Garage’s SandDance lets you visually explore, and present data


Microsoft today introduced a new project called SandDance, a Microsoft Garage project made by Microsoft Research. The tool allows users to visually explore, understand and present their data. The company is offering two different versions of the SandDance project: one a Web app, and it is also available for Project BI customers.

With SandDance, users can visually explore their data with the touch-based interface, and their data to the next step. Steven Drucker, a researcher focused on information visualization stated:

“We had this notion that a lot of visualization summarized data, and that summary is great, but sometimes you need the individual elements of your data set too. We don’t want to lose sight of the trees because of the forest, but we also want to see the forest and the overall shape of the data. With this, you’ll see information about individuals and how they’re relative to each other. Most tools show one thing or the other. With SandDance, you can look at data from many different angles.”

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You can checkout SandDance online here, or know more about it here.