Microsoft Garage’s new Face Swap app allows you to transport yourself into fun scenes using a selfie

June 3, 2017

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Microsoft Garage’s latest app Face Swap allows you to to transport yourself into fun scenes using a selfie. You need to just take a selfie, choose a scene from your camera roll or the web, and swipe through your results. This app uses facial recognition technology developed by Microsoft Research and powerful Bing image search technology. Face Swap’s face swap engine automatically find faces in images and place your swap. It also matches skin tone, lighting conditions, head turns and tilts.


  • Pick an image with faces from your camera roll
  • Choose a scene from one of our fun categories
  • Search for an image with Bing powered image search
  • Search for trending faces and scenes!


  • Take a great selfie with our special face swap camera with real time hints and instructions
  • Pick an image from your camera roll
  • Search for a face on the web
  • You can swap any face into any picture.

This team behind this app is planning to frequently update their categories and since this app uses web search technolgy, it allows you to try on different latest fashions, pop yourself into trending scenes and more.

This app is now available for download from Play Store and it is coming soon to Apple App Store.

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