Microsoft finally announce $299 ARM-powered laptops


17, 2020

ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops are not powerful and flexible enough yet to be the PC for everyone, but for specific well-defined roles, they work pretty well.

At the British Education, Training and Technology Show (BETT) Microsoft announced two new low-cost laptops powered by the Snapdragon 7c processor, designed for use in educational settings.

The JP.IK Turn T101 will retail for only $299 while the Positivo Wise N1212S will sell for $575. Both include built-in 4G LTE connectivity and of course offer whole day battery life, both useful features in a school setting.

Microsoft is targetting underserviced and deprived areas, and also announced a partnership with JP.IK to bring their Community Learning Centers – solar-powered, pop-up schools – to more than 130 underserved areas around the world, giving students a truly connected digital learning experience.

Read more at Microsoft’s Education blog here.

Via Neowin

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