Microsoft is all set to hold its hardware event on October 2 and the event will see Microsoft launching a number of exciting new hardware. Of all the things that Microsoft is going to showcase, Centaurus, which is Microsoft first foldable Windows PC, is probably the most exciting product everyone is eagerly waiting for.

Microsoft filed numerous patents for its foldable Windows PCs in the past, but none of them has been materialized yet. However, like every big tech company, Microsoft keeps playing around with various patents for future products and the latest patent that Microsoft has filed is of a foldable dual-screen Windows 10 device.

The latest patent gives us a detailed view of the design of the product, unlike the previous patents.

The new patent is mainly concerned with the hinge of the product — and if you can recall, most of the patents for Microsoft’s foldable device talked extensively about the hinge.

Microsoft’s foldable PC is not going to run on Window 10 Desktop OS. Instead, the Redmond giant is currently in the process of developing WCOS, short for Windows Core OS, which is designed to power foldable devices.

Source: Patentscope; via:WindowsUnited