We reported in September last year that Microsoft was trying to force Windows 10 users into setting up their PCs using Microsoft Accounts by hiding the already small option to use a local account.

At the time the “feature” was confined to USA, but now WindowsUnited reports that the missing Local Account option has also extended to Germany.

Windows 10 users are still able to trick Windows into offering the option by unplugging their device from the internet during Setup, for example pressing the Flight Mode button and reloading the option page. Even then Microsoft works to steer users away from Local Accounts.

If you don’t mind giving Microsoft the power to erase your PC, an online account, of course, has its advantages, such as being able to reset your password from the cloud.

A local account has other advantages over a Microsoft account, however, such as increased privacy and not being tied to an online identity which itself can be hacked.

For now, Windows 10 users are still able to set up a local account via the usual control panel without issue, but we have to wonder how long this will last.

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