Microsoft explains how Windows Phone App Studio can create useful apps in minutes



Microsoft explains how the Windows Phone App Studio can create useful apps quickly

I don’t personally hold the Windows Phone App Studio in high regard, finding it both too complicated and not powerful enough at the same time.

In the above video however Microsoft shows that for some people the service may be just the answer to the question of how to quickly, easily and cheaply create a custom Windows Phone app for their home or business.

In the video they have Holly Shore, a former fashion model turned entrepreneur, looking to create an app for her fashion business.

“I just thought it was inaccessible for me to create my own app,” she says. “I hadn’t even considered doing it.”

Microsoft reports more than 200,000 people have used App Studio to create over 85,000 apps, presumably most not published to the Windows Phone Store.

Have our readers given the Windows Phone App Studio a try, and what have your results been? Let us know below.

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