Microsoft Executive Teases About Upcoming HTC Windows Devices, Asks Us To Get Get Excited

htc W8 WL header

At Computex conference, Nick Parker, Microsoft’s VP of OEM partners hinted that new HTC Windows devices are coming. Early this week, we reported that a new high end Windows Phone 8.1 handset by HTC coming to Verizon later this year. While the previous reports suggested that HTC would release a mid-range WP8.1 device, @evleaks revealed that the upcoming HTC device will have BoomSound and also Duo Cameras which are part of HTC’s flagship range. We should come to know about the upcoming device in coming weeks.

“I’d love to break some news here if I could,” said Parker in response to a question about manufacturing partners. “But instead I’ll just say that Microsoft will continue to have a great relationship with HTC. New things are coming, so get excited.”

Source: CNET