Microsoft Edge gets desktop browser market share increase

August 2, 2022

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Microsoft’s plan when it officially retired Internet Explorer was to redirect its users to its modern browser, the Microsoft Edge. That move also seemed to be Microsoft’s hope to increase Edge’s market share among desktop browsers in the present times, and it worked, somehow. According to the web traffic analysis website StatCounter, Microsoft received a 10.64% market share in June 2022, allowing it to place second among desktop browsers worldwide.

That’s already good news for Microsoft Edge after beating Safari, which, according to the report, has been just a few steps behind Edge for the past months. In June 2022, Safari got an 8.83% market share, placing third place, while Firefox followed at 7.8% and Opera and other browsers at 2.98%.

Before the retirement of Internet Explorer, Edge’s highest market share rate only hit 10.12%. This is not far from its present desktop browser market share, which means the departure of IE didn’t help that much in increasing the user population of Edge. And compared to Chrome’s market share, Edge’s numbers are way behind. Currently, Chrome possesses a 66.93% market share, which is bigger than the collective progress of all desktop browsers observed by StatCounter.

On a positive note, Edge showed consistency in gaining market share even before the IE’s departure. This means Edge’s continuous increase in market share, regardless of how small it is, could be caused by other factors, which Microsoft needs to figure out in order to further bump up the browser’s score.

In addition, the desktop section of market share isn’t the only problem Microsoft Edge has to face. In the tablet and mobile market share reports of StatCounter, Edge is completely out of the game. It isn’t even named as one of the competitors in the said sections, making it one of the irrelevant browsers out there still aiming to be recognized.

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