Microsoft Edge for Android gets support for chromium flags

by Rahul
July 7, 2020

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The Microsoft Edge browser that you’re using on your Android smartphone is based on Chromium, similar to the Edge desktop browser. The browser behaves pretty much the same way on both smartphones and desktops, but Edge on Android is currently missing an important feature that has been available in Edge desktop since day one — and that’s support for Chromium flags.

Currently, in order to be able to turn on an experimental feature in Edge desktop, you’ll need to type edge://flags in the URL bar. Now, you’ll see a page where you can enable or disable multiple experimental features that will soon be available for the general public. However, if you’re using Microsoft Edge on your Android smartphone, you cannot turn on any experimental features via flags. Nevertheless, that’s soon going to change as Edge Beta v45.06.24.5042 now supports Chromium flags.

What this means is that you’ll now be able to turn on experimental features on Edge for Android by typing edge://flags in the URL bar, exactly like the way you do it on the Edge desktop browser. In order to enjoy the feature, you need the Beta version of the browser that has a version n0. You can download Microsoft Edge beta here from APK Mirror.

Source:  r/stellarBrilliance; via Techdows

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