Microsoft pushed a new update to Edge Dev yesterday. Taking the browser to Build, the update introduces many new features and fixes. As we already reported earlier, the new update now gives you the option to Never Translate a web page. Beyond that, it comes with another important new feature, which Microsoft didn’t include in the changelog, in the latest Dev build.

With Microsoft Edge Dev 77, users will now be able to sync addresses, phone numbers, and passwords in the browser. This feature is already resent in all modern-day internet browser including the classic Edge browser. Notably, syncing feature in the new Chromium-based Edge isn’t new. However, the syncing was limited to favorites, extensions, history prior to the Build 77.

And now that Microsoft has extended sync to addresses, passwords, and phone number, you can turn them on or off by going into the Synch settings page.

Here is how to customize the sync Settings page

  1. To customize the Synch settings, click on menu > Settings >Profiles
  2. Click “Sign in” and sign in to your Microsoft Account and choose which to sync and which not to sync.

via: Techdows