Microsoft confirms Tango is for low-end handsets

imageAccording to We Love Windows Phone .HK Microsoft has confirmed at a MSDN Seminar in Hong Kong that Tango, the minor update between Mango and Apollo, will be aimed at low-end handsets in developing countries.

The seminar, which was held on the 23rd August, was called “The Next Generation in Development” and described the Tango as such:

1. Tango is not a major update.

2. Tango is one of the update belonging to Mango.

3. Apollo would be the next major update.

4. Tango is mainly for developing countries including China and India. These countries were neglected before and Microsoft would like to provide more Bing Services to them through Tango.

5. OEM would be selling cheaper Tango devices in these developing countries.

We do not know the properties of these handsets, but it is likely they will support slower processors and possibly lower-resolution screens.

Even if this is the case however I am sure Tango also has the potential to polish Windows Phone 7 even more even in the west, possibly by delivering features such as local data sync which may be essential in the developing world and pretty desirable to some here.

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