Microsoft brings Tay back online, ruining everyone’s Twitter feed [Update: It’s gone]


30, 2016


Update: Well, that was quick. Microsoft seems to have pulled Tay yet again. Interestingly enough, the company changed the Twitter account for Tay into a private one, which means new followers won’t be able to see her tweets until the follow request is accepted:


Original story follows below.

Microsoft’s Tay is back. Well, it does not seem to be working properly yet, but it is tweeting again now. And if you happen to follow the official Tay account, your Twitter feed is probably ruined as all of the tweets the AI chatbot is sending will appear on your Twitter feed for some weird reason.

Oh, apparently it is smoking kush (marijuana) in front of the police:

Well, welcome back, Tay.

Via: VentureBeat

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