Microsoft introduces app ratings and reviews for Microsoft Teams apps

November 8, 2023
Microsoft Teams apps reviews and ratings

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Apps in Microsoft Teams extend the Teams capabilities on mobile and desktop. Microsoft Teams apps are like web-based SaaS apps that don’t need to be installed locally and work only in the scope that’s allowed. There are more than 2,000 apps in Microsoft Teams store and some of them are very popular. Collaborative apps from Adobe, Atlassian and Workday have exceeded 1 million monthly active users on Teams.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it is introducing ratings and reviews for Microsoft Teams apps. This will not only help users in selecting the right app for their purpose, but also allows developers to gather valuable feedback on their apps. With this feature, Teams users can now rate and review Teams apps. And app publishers can manage user feedback in Partner Center. Since the ratings and reviews features are powered by Microsoft AppSource, the same ratings and reviews will be shown across all app discovery points on Microsoft 365.

Here’s how ratings and reviews will work for Microsoft Teams apps:

  • Users can rate an app on a scale of 1 to 5 and write a review sharing their experience with the app.
  • Other users can mark these reviews as “helpful”, providing another layer of feedback.
  • For users that have already installed apps on Teams, they will be prompted proactively to rate an app of usage sessions.
  • Publishers can reply to these reviews from the Partner Center, just as they would for reviews from AppSource.

You can learn more about Microsoft Teams developer platform here.

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