Microsoft announces TypeScript 2.0 Beta


Microsoft today launched the beta for TypeScript 2.0. TypeScript is a open-sourced project from Microsoft which is basically JavaScript, but it can be used for large applications to provide better performance and scalability. With TypeScript 2.0, Microsoft is adding a bunch of new features, including Non-nullable Types, which was a much-requested feature.  The update also brings:

  • Non-nullable Types
  • Control Flow Analysis for Types
  • Easier Module Declarations
  • Async/await downlevel support
  • Read-only properties
  • Improved typings acquisition

If you use TypeScript, you can get TypeScript 2.0 beta from here. Alternatively, you can use NPM to install TypeScript 2.0 — to install using NPM, just open up Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal on OS X and run npm install -g typescript@beta — however, note that you’ll require Node.js to be able to use NPM.