Microsoft adding new Group Policies for Human Presence on Windows 10

by Surur
March 11, 2021
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Microsoft is preparing to roll out new Group Policies for Human Presence on Windows 10, allowing administrators to force users to lock their PCs automatically when they leave them unattended.

The policies have rolled out as part of Windows 10 Build 21332 which rolled out to the Dev channel last night.

The feature would likely use a combination of signals such as Windows Hello camera and Bluetooth signals from wearable devices such as smartphones or smartwatches, as already used for Dynamic lock. The difference is of course that the feature would now be remotely managed and enforced.

The feature will support:

  • WakeOnSwitch:¬†Automatically wake my device when I approach
  • WakeDistance: Wake up my device when I am (x distance away)
  • SensorSelect: We detected multiple sensors on your device. Which sensor do you want to use?
  • LockTimeout: Turn my screen off after (x time)
  • LockOnSwitch: Automatically turn off my device’s screen when I leave
  • LockDistance:¬† When I am more than (x distance away)

The feature will be particularly useful with the increasing number of users working from home, where employees are not normally working in a trusted and managed environment, leaving company secrets more exposed.

via Tero Alhonen, ALumia

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