‘Maps App Discovery’ brings Google Maps to Windows 10


No matter how large a user base Windows gets, even with Windows 10 installed on over 350 million users, Google seems to have no plans on bringing any of it’s services over to Redmond’s platform of choice, other than a basic Google Search app. Well if Google won’t bring it’s apps to Windows, others may take it into their own hands, and that’s exactly what publisher Rajat Singh did with his new app “Maps App Discovery”, a mapping service that utilizes Google Maps API to deliver native like Map experience for Windows 10. The app even features Google’s Material Design while supporting PC, mobile, and the Surface Hub.

Other features include:

  • Detailed directions
  • Street View
  • Earth view
  • Satellite imagery
  • Draggable maps

Download the app below.

Maps App Discovery
Maps App Discovery
Developer: Rajat Singh
Price: Free