Local Proxy-based Ad blocker Adguard may produce a Windows 10 Mobile version


While the Edge browser on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will support extensions and therefore ad blockers, early indication is that this feature will not be coming to Windows 10 Mobile.

For users on slow connections and with limited data ad blockers can be a godsent (though we would encourage our readers to unblock and support responsible sites such as ourselves that limited the number and type of ads displayed) so today’s news should be welcome to many readers.

A developer from AdGaurd has expressed interest in developing an app for Windows 10 Mobile, writing:


On reddit the same developer wrote:

The app uses a VPN server running on the device itself, meaning your data never travels through Adguard’s servers.

See a video explaining the service below:

YouTube player

Hopefully Adguard will actually deliver an app to the store and make browsing on Windows 10 Mobile somewhat safer and more convenient.